The Captain Planet Foundation
Barbara Pyle founded the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) and served as
Chairman of the Board for ten years. The CPF provides grants for hands-on
environmental projects by children. In addition to maintaining historic continuity
for the CPF, Barbara chairs its Brand-Building and Media Committee responsible for
cross-channel marketing and brand integrity.

Mother Nature Network
As a member of the Advisory Board of the newly launched online environmental
channel, Mother Nature Network, Barbara is consulting on continuity, marketing
and brand management for the official internet launch of Captain Planet and the
. She is also creating partnerships for MNN.

Environmental Media Association
Barbara continues to represent Ted Turner on the Board of Directors of the
Environmental Media Association (EMA). EMA mobilizes the entertainment
industry to integrate environmental issues into television, film and music.

Caribbean Media Exchange
Barbara sponsors and is an annual speaker at the Caribbean Media Exchange
(CMEx). As the premier communications organization in the Caribbean and Latin
America, CMEx promotes sustainable tourism, through media and smart partnerships.

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