• United Nations Environment Programme Sasakawa Prize - in recognition of "most outstanding contribution to the
    field of the environment"
    , awarded annually to one individual for lifetime achievement
  • United Nations Global 500 Laureate Roll of Honor - for "outstanding practical achievements in protecting and
    improving the environment"
  • United Nations 100 Most Influential People
  • United Nations Imminent Person
  • Sierra Club's David Brower Journalism Award
  • United Nations Earth Summit Award for Distinguished Contribution
  • National Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) - President's Award
  • Aveda Environmentalist of the Year Award
  • Calvert Earthmark Award in Honor of Robert Rodale
  • Planned Parenthood Foundation - Maggie Award
  • Rome Reportage Human Rights Award - From the Mayor of Rome, Italy
  • Population Institute - Best Global Correspondent on Population Issues
  • Emmy Award, Still Photography: NBC News
  • CINE Showcase - World Fellowship Award
  • Newcomb College - Alumnae of the Year
  • Environmental Media Association - Award for Ongoing Commitment to Environmental Programming
  • Gardens for Peace Award
  • Climate Institute Award
  • Women in Film - Communication Award
  • Tulane University - Anne Butler Hess Award for Excellence in Philosophy
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship


Barbara and her production team received eight Emmy nominations for their work.

PEOPLE COUNT - This 32-part series examines the complex challenges facing the world and shows solutions
developed on local levels by individual innovators and received the following accolades:

  • Classic Gold Telly Award (ten wins) - "The best films in 25 years..."
  • Gracie Allen Award (four wins) - American Women in Radio and Television in the categories of documentary film, public affairs
    and twice for international documentary series
  • CableACE Nomination
  • CINE Golden Eagle (two wins)
  • Population Institute Global Media Award for Best Global Television Program (six wins)
  • Chris Award for Creative Excellence in Documentary Programming (four wins)
  • Watervision Media Award
  • Clarion Award - Association for Women in Communications
  • National Educational Film and Video Festival
  • New York Festivals Award (three wins)
  • US International Film and Video Festival Award (three wins)

CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS - This 113-part animated action adventure series made environmental
issues comprehensible to children and was honored with many recognitions including:

  • Daytime Emmy Award (three nominations)
  • Environmental Media Association Award (six wins)
  • Parents' Choice Award
  • Genesis Award for Best Animated Program (two wins) - from ARK Trust
  • The Humanitas Certificate
  • Television Movie Award
  • Nancy Susan Reynolds Award for Excellence in AIDS Education
  • Ohio State Award
  • CINE Golden Eagle (two wins)
  • Houston International Film Festival - Gold Medal
  • New York Festivals - Gold Award

ONE CHILD - ONE VOICE - Seven children from seven continents explore how the issues negotiated at the
United Nations Earth Summit will impact their futures in this award winning film.

  • Emmy Nomination
  • Telly Award
  • Ohio State Award
  • Council on Foundations - Finalist
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • Columbus International Film Festival
  • Chicago International Children's Film Festival
  • Parents' Choice Award
  • Classic Gold Telly Award
  • Environmental Media Award
  • Edgar Dale Award - Screenwriting
  • Global Peace Film Festival
  • Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Gracie Allen Award - American Women in Radio and Television
  • Hugo Award - Chicago International Television Award
  • Chris Award (two wins) once for Social Issues and Humanities, the other for Philosophy/Ethics
  • Clarion Award - Association for Women in Communications (two wins) Best in Competition and Best Informational Film
  • Population Institute Global Media Award
  • Aurora Award (four wins) - selected in categories of Issues/Ethics, Nature/Environment, Writing and Editing
  • AXIEM AWARD for Absolute eXcellence in Electronic Media (six wins) - selected in categories of Environment, Children,
    Writing, Editing, Voice-Over and Public Service
  • Videographer Awards (four wins) - selected in the categories of Excellence in Television Program/Issue, Editing, Voice-Over
    and Writing
  • Special Merit Award for Creative Advocacy - International Wildlife Film Festival

WITHOUT BORDERS - Five great rivers: The Amazon, Nile, Ganges, Zambezi and Mississippi symbolize the
planet's interconnectedness. This film profiling the people trying to save these rivers earned the following honors:

  • National Computer Graphics Association Award
  • Cindy Award
  • Chris Award (two wins) - in Social Studies and Environment
  • Edgar Dale Award - Screenwriting
  • National Education Association Award
  • Monitor Award (three wins) - for Best Achievement in Documentary, Best Director and Best Computer Graphics
  • CableACE Finalist
  • International Monitor Award - Best Computer Animation
  • Classic Gold Telly Award
  • Columbus International Film Festival Award
  • Vermont World Peace Film Festival - Special Merit
  • Banff Television Festival
THE DAY OF FIVE BILLION – This global broadcast featured original music videos from renowned artists including
Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Cliff, Stevie Wonder and Allen Toussaint. Heads of State and futurists Arthur C.
Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut and Isaac Asimov gave insight into this historic day in the film which won:
  • Emmy Nominations
  • Award for Cable Excellence
  • Cindy Award
  • Hugo Award
  • Population Institute Global Media Award - Best Global Television Program
OUR FINITE WORLD – This nine-part series filmed in 15 countries tackles
the issues of population, the empowerment of women and sustainable development
through local success stories and earned an:
  • Emmy Award - Cinematography
  • Emmy Nominations (two nods)
  • Vermont World Peace Film Festival
  • Chris Award
  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Banff International Television Festival
  • Population Institute Best Global Television Program (six wins)
  • National Education Film and Video Festival Awards (two wins)
  • Monitor Award (four wins) - for Best Producer, Director, Editor and Cinematography