Drawing global attention to the critical issues addressed at the UN
Summits, the People Count  series aired domestically on CNN and
TBS and internationally on CNN International. Through a partnership
with INTELSAT, the leading provider of satellite services worldwide,
Barbara was able to distribute People Count  at no charge to the World
affiliates across the world, reaching a potential viewing audience
of two billion.

Working with the United Nations Population Fund, Barbara produced
and directed the Emmy nominated 10-part series, Our Finite World
which tells success stories of people the world over working to build
a sustainable society. She partnered with the BBC on three major
productions, including the eight-part series Only One Earth, where
she enlisted the Better World Society for support.

Assembling these strategic alliances was vital to accomplishing
Barbara's goal of promoting successful models of environmental problem
solving and sustainable development by using television and satellite

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