Her Emmy nominated production One Child - One Voice (OCOV)
was the centerpiece of the Save the Earth media campaign. OCOV
is a compelling plea from seven children from seven continents to
the governments of the world to consider their futures during the
Earth Summit negotiations and agree to preserve and restore the

The Earth Summit kicked off a series of United Nations Conferences
on the issues of population, women, cities, climate change, social
development, food and agriculture. Barbara continued to support these
Summits through her ongoing media campaigns with her network of
partners. The key elements to all of these campaigns were Barbara's
32-part series People Count, hosted by Jane Fonda. This series put a
human face on the issues being negotiated at these UN Summits. As
Executive Producer and on-camera reporter for the series, Barbara
traveled the world profiling normal people working on the issues
addressed by the UN Summits who were, in her words, "ordinary people
doing extraordinary things, creating models of sustainable development
that could be copied all over the world."

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