Due to Barbara's international media expertise, she was appointed
Global Media Advisor by the Honorable Maurice Strong, then
Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Environment
and Development (UNCED). She developed the worldwide media plan
for the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro which hosted 108
heads of state.

Barbara created the Save the Earth media campaign as one of the
leading strategies for the Earth Summit. Save the Earth was an
unprecedented global collaboration between 180 international World
 broadcasters, sixteen Turner Networks and departments
of CNN and cable operators throughout the United States. Other recognized
contributors to the campaign were National Geographic Explorer, National
Audubon Society, Cousteau Society, Turner Publishing, Captain Planet and
the Planeteers
and hundreds of international environmental and grassroots
organizations including National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, Cultural
Survival, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, World Watch Institute and the
Rainforest Action Network.

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