Barbara Pyle has a long history of forming strategic alliances that
combine funding with subject-matter expertise to produce informative
yet entertaining television programming. At the Turner Broadcasting
Systems (TBS), part of her corporate mission was "to make critical
global issues understandable and accessible to the widest possible

Barbara first partnered with many United Nations agencies,
environmental groups and private foundations to achieve this mission.
She then expanded her programming initiatives into an international
distribution strategy by creating an alliance of 180 television stations
in 110 countries capable of reaching a broad international audience.
This alliance became the basis of Cable News Network's (CNN) World

World Report  was a partnership between CNN and television stations
worldwide reporting news from their regional perspectives. In return for
their participation, they received the World Report  program for their
domestic use. The resulting World Report  Contributors Conferences
became forums for information exchange, transfer of technology and the
building of ongoing affiliations and partnerships. These alliances became
a valuable asset to CNN's international coverage.

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