Barbara is approached daily by fans of Captain Planet and the Planeteers who describe the series' impact on their life decisions. In 2009, she began investigating how she could connect these Planeteers using the new tools of the Internet. Ian Storrar, one of the first self-proclaimed Planeteers, astonished Barbara with the demographics of the Millennial generation and the massive number of potential Planeteers who would now be young adults.

With the idea of being able to unite Planeteers all over the world, Barbara selected five Planeteers who began work on what would become the Planeteer Movement. Storrar, along with Nathan Havey and Kyle King, built a website and gave Captain Planet the millennial update it deserved. Suzanne French and Kristie Gianetto contributed their organizational and team-building skills. The team, with Barbara's guidance, aimed to blend fan service with environmental innovation, giving fans around the world the chance to tell their Planeteer story, connect with others, and promote their environmental service projects and experiences that could lead to a sustainable future.

Having put the the tools and resources in place for the Movement's conception and development, Barbara continues to attend high-level conferences, host meetups, and introduce real-life Planeteers to each other to sustain the exponential growth and momentum of the Movement.