Founded in 1997, the Barbara Pyle Foundation (BPF) is a private independent foundation whose
mission is the positive use of all forms of media to make a 'better world'. It also supports
environmental protection, sustainable development, the empowerment of women and projects
that improve the well being of marginalized peoples.

As a result of Barbara Pyle's innovations in producing and distributing global programming on the
environment and sustainable development, she was awarded the United Nations Environment
Programme (UNEP) Sasakawa Environment Prize for lifetime achievement. This prize is the
world's most prestigious environmental recognition, and is considered the "Nobel Prize in the
environmental world." Usually reserved for scientists, she is the only member of the media to be
selected as a Sasakawa Laureate. This award was used to establish the BPF, which supports her
ongoing commitment to critical global issues.

Upon choosing Barbara, the Selection Committee of the UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize said,
"For more than two decades, Barbara Pyle has encouraged the media to
assume a major responsibility for informing and educating the public,
including decision makers. Barbara has brought environmental issues closer
to the hearts and minds of people the world over. As a writer, director and
producer of numerous television programs, she has inspired countless
individuals to care about the environment and to take responsibility for
its protection."

Currently, the BPF has implemented an invitation-only grant making policy.