The Tree of Life campaign supported and endorsed the objectives of the Earth Summit by
successfully motivating several million people worldwide to create postcards with a
hand drawn leaf and a call to action to their global leaders meeting in Rio. These
postcards were hung from an enormous Tree of Life as a visual testament of their
support for the Earth Summit's goals and a reminder to its delegates that the world's
voice was with them.

One Child - One Voice's postcard campaign evergreened into a global call to preserve
and restore planet Earth. An updated version, produced especially for the 2002 World
Summit for Sustainable Development, recreated its 1992 success with countless "leaves"
arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa to be placed on the Tree of Life with renewed
messages of support from around the world. It continues to be used for environmental
awareness through broadcasts on Earth Day and United Nations World
Environment Day
. Today, this film and its legacy continue to be seen and inspire new
generations to participate in annual Tree of Life campaigns.
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