Earth Secure's mission is to expand the traditional definition of national security to include
"securing" the planet we share and live on. This includes "securing by preserving" and
"protecting and restoring" the earth's natural eco-systems for our children and all future
generations. Earth Secure was founded by Barbara Pyle and Marc Barasch.

One of the first initiatives of Earth Secure was to promote the 1992 worldwide satellite
broadcast of the film One Child - One Voice (OCOV), written by Barasch and executive
produced by Pyle. The historic global broadcast of OCOV used television to motivate
people to speak out and take visible action on behalf of the earth by making their
voices heard through the Tree of Life campaign.

OCOV's 1992 premiere is credited with encouraging many world leaders to attend the
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)
Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The goal of the U.N. Earth Summits, as
celebrated in OCOV, is to take firm steps toward a new global stewardship, one based
on the knowledge that we share a single, interconnected planet.
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