The Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx) honored journalists from
St. Lucia, Puerto Rico and New York at its annual award ceremony on December 13th in St.
Lucia. Founded in 2001, CMEx is dedicated to promoting "sustainable tourism, through
media and smart partnerships, to create holistic wealth for all peoples, including those in
Latin America, the Caribbean and other Emerging Markets."

The highlight of this years' awards ceremony was the presentation of the inaugural CMEx
Exemplar Award to environmental media programming legend Barbara Pyle. The Exemplar
Award is a special recognition, established to recognize those who inspire others with their
life's work to the cause of sustainable tourism and development.

Lelei LeLaulu, Director of CMEx, said of the honoree, "Barbara Pyle was instrumental in
embedding the imperatives of environmental conservation and sustainable development into
the work of CNN and TBS since the early days of the networks. She also fired the imagination
of generations of children with the creation of the earth-protecting Captain Planet and
his team."
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