In 1991, Barbara founded the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) from 5% of the original
licensing and marketing contracts. Its mission is to teach young people to respect and
protect the environment through "hands on" experiences. Today, CPF makes grant awards
for projects that promote awareness, teamwork and global cooperation for environmental

Barbara served as Chairman of the Board of CPF for ten years. In addition to maintaining
historic continuity for the CPF, she chairs its Brand-Building and Media Committee
responsible for cross-channel marketing and brand integrity.

The legacy of Captain Planet is broad-reaching, impactful and growing. Today, his message
is perhaps even more relevant than ever as we face critical climate change, energy crises,
a glut of waste, too little clean water, hunger and over-consumption. The first-generation of
Planeteers are now adults and equipped to support environmental causes. As their families
grow, so will the next generation of Planeteers.

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