The concept of Captain Planet began with the creation of its cast of characters that
included Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, and five young people with diverse backgrounds from
around the world.

Gaia, wakes from a century-long nap and sees the devastating effect humans have had
on the planet. Fearing for the future, she calls upon Wheeler, Linka, Gi, Kwame and Ma-Ti
to become "Planeteers" to lead the battle against further destruction of the Earth.

She gives the Planeteers magic rings that enable each of them to control one element
of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and the missing element, Heart. When heart and
compassion are combined with these elemental forces, Captain Planet, an environmental
superhero, is summoned and announces "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"
Together, they battle the eco-villains who are looting and polluting our Earth.

He is the ultimate metaphor for teamwork and global cooperation, but unlike other
superheroes who do all the work for you, he emphasizes to the Planeteers that the real
work of healing the environment is up to them. As Captain Planet always says, "The power
is yours!"

The eco-toon featured an array of celebrity voices including Whoopi Goldberg, Sting,
Meg Ryan, Martin Sheen, Ed Asner, James Coburn, Ed Begley Jr., LeVar Burton,
Tim Curry, Dean Stockwell, Helen Hunt and Jeff Goldblum.

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