Captain Planet aired on the Cartoon Network worldwide, as well as on Boomerang, a
Cartoon Network spin-off channel dedicated to classic toons. In conjunction with important
eco-celebrations such as Earth Day and World Environment Day, the networks broadcast
bilingual, twenty-four hour marathons of the show. In its first-run, the eco-toon reached an
audience of one million viewers every day.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers received multiple educational and media accolades
including Emmy Nominations, Environmental Media Awards, Parents' Choice Awards
and Genesis Awards, proving that education doesn't have to come at the expense of

Today, Captain Planet is witnessing an emergence of a multi-generational, multi-national
following with over 200,000 Facebook fans and over 5,000 videos posted on YouTube by
fans. TrendHunter, the leading trend spotting website, compiled a list of their 2009
Top Ten "Awesome Green Innovations". Captain Planet is number four. Recently, the
Captain Planet Foundation and Mother Nature Network (MNN) partnered to stream
Captain Planet episodes online as well as never-before-seen bonus footage at MNN's

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